Friday 20th June 2008

1) At 5.15 a young male jogger was seen running up a hill in Woodingdean. He was holding onto his right leg and limping as he ran. He was probably in pain and in a hurry. Doctors do not think that doing this is a good idea.

2) A man was disappointed when he realized that some of the signs in Rottingdean are misleading. A newsagents’ shop with a notice outside saying: “Play Here!” does not mean that people can play there. It is a Lottery sign. The man also noticed that the sign reading “Lions’ Summer Fayre” is nothing to do with wild animals and that the shop called “Old Customs House” has nothing to do with old customs. Something should be done about this he told the news.

3) A man said to day that he thought living in a house where there are often traffic jams could be a security risk. If a potential burglar was stuck in traffic outside a house, then he could use the time working out how to break in. Something should be done about this, the man said.

4) Wolfie Wolfgang was about to eat his lunch today when he saw a fly land on his quiche. Even though he was very hungry, he decided not to eat it. He had a banana instead because its skin had protected it.

5) It was a lovely day today because the wind from the South West was cooling and yet warm. This is a typical characteristic of South Westerly winds according to meteorolists.

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