Friday 27th June 2008

1) Colin Bell went to the park in Lewes this evening but ran out of mosquito repellent after spraying his head and hands. He decided to tuck his trousers into his socks to prevent any insects getting to his legs. When he got home, he had a mosquito bite on his ankle.

2) Colin Bell had an itch on the end of his nose today. He decided not to scratch it because he had been thinking about being strong willed. He succeeded in living through the irritation and felt better about himself afterwards.

3) Colin Bell has had tonsillitis this week and his wife made him promise not to go to his Kungfu class. He felt guilty because he never directly promised that he wouldn’t go and still hasn’t told her that he went and that he enjoyed it. He is worried that this news report might get back to her.

4) Colin Bell found out this week that the three telephones in his house could be linked together if he gave them a name each. He decided to call them 1, 2 and 3 but then thought he ought to have been a bit more imaginative.

5) Colin Bell dreamt this week that he was not allowed to go into the bathroom because the door would lock automatically and he would not be able to get out again. He tried it and it was true – he was locked in. He remembered this dream the next day and wondered, just for a moment, if the door would lock when he went in. It didn’t.

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