From One Seated Boxer To Another.

Seated boxer (c.100-50 BC. Museo Nazionale Romano, Rome.)

Far be it for me to compare myself to one of the greatest of all Greek sculptures but looking again at the powerful image of the Seated Boxer – I was lucky enough to see the original in Rome – I identified with this exhausted fighter, battered and bruised and, to my mind anyway, wondering if he has just fought his last fight.

I went back to my kungfu classes this week and really enjoyed the experience until I went just that bit too far. My enthusiasm over my apparent recovery from my brain haemorrhage had, quite literally, gone to my head I think so when I fell on Wednesday night with a jolt, I felt just like the seated boxer with his eyeless, exhausted gaze.

I have been recovering ever since and have decided not to go back to kungfu for a bit – but, like that old battle-wearied Greek, I too, in my uncertainty, feel that one day I will be back.


  1. Thanks Neil, one of the reasons that that sculpture is so great, I think, is that you can see it in so many different ways. Looking at it again just now I think he had just won that last bout!

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