Getting back to fitness after a brain haemorrhage

I now have the go ahead from my neurologist to start aerobic training again after over a year of recovery from my brain haemorrhage.

In that time I have been practising my kung fu patterns and my 66 move taichi form which has kept me in better nick than I would have been if I had just lain around all year and it has also, in my opinion, helped my recovery which I am now hoping will be complete even if I have another year before I can really expect to be “recovered.”

What I have not been allowed to do is to raise my heart rate. So no running, no aerobic exercise and I am beginning to feel the frustration of not moving quickly.

This is now to change on my doctor’s advice and I shall now gradually build up a “no pain, no gain” regime where I will plan to eliminate fat and build muscle and lung capacity.

My kung fu instructor is coming round the morning to put me through some initial motions in the new regime with a view to me building up to returning to my main kung fu classes which have been a no go area all year.

Exciting stuff and much more entertaining than joining one of those aerobic classes where I have to juggle balls in a spandex leotard.

Having said that, I am now raring to go running again and my kung fu instructor doesn’t approve. Hmm….I wonder if he would find out.


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