Glam Rock may come to Lewes after-all

I have been trying to keep my readers informed about the developments across the road from the Wolf’s residence here in Lewes in Southern England so some of you may remember the saga of the Crocodile Rock shop and my hopes for a great Glam Rock Revival in Lewes.

Sadly, the name Crocodile Rock was nothing to do with Glam Rock at all and I was saddened to see a sign going up which threatened to blow away all my illusions for the exciting rock-n roll development potential in this street. Health and Safety consultations, Phase Consultants ( , are about as un-hip as you can get – or so I thought until the new proprietor of the shop happened to see my piece here on and I have now decided that James Bridgland is very rock ‘n roll indeed.

“Dear Wolfie,

I was amused to read your commentary on the re-naming of the former Barefoot Herbs. I am afraid that, as the owner of the new business, I am the person responsible for the de-glamming of your local amenities.

Do call in and say hello. I am thinking of a change of career to rock psychotherapist. If the lights are on, then there should be somebody in.

James Bridgland”

I haven’t taken up the invitation yet but I was thrilled this week to see that the Wolf has had an impact on Lewes’ cultural life. James’ new widow display shows that he takes the whole glam rock thing seriously after-all. He is now the leading stockist for anyone wanting to set up a Village People tribute band. Thanks James.

I am not sure which one to have yet… is between the orange and the silver. What do you think?

I should have guessed this would happen after the shop window held a promotional display last November for our local Bonfire Society with its Native American pioneers. This was before it even opened. Can we have cowboys next please James?

In case you have no idea what I am talking about, here is the original Village People YMCA video from those innocent days in the 1970’s. Now that’s what I call street-cred.


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