Glorious Autumnal day in Lewes – an ideal day for Lewes estate agents, Oakleys’ sign contractors

It is a wonderful day here in Lewes, UK.  White doves, and a few pigeons too, are circling above the police station and that is always a good omen.

There is a completely cloudless sky and only the slightest of breezes as I watch the birds circling round and round above me.

Lewes is looking calm and elegant in the morning light where the Georgian houses meet the Victorian police station building and the rows of other 19th. century terraces beyond.

The view from my bedroom window even lets me see the Sussex Downs in the distance on this perfect Autumn day.

The blue sky contrasts perfectly with the elegant Georgian brickwork of the buildings opposite.

A few houses away I can see the scaffolders erecting their poles. It is one of those days when people want to be out doing things.

As the morning progresses, the workmen clamber up and down the scaffolding like care-free monkeys….

…and in no time at all the house is scaffolded right up to its roof.

Down the road, the picturesque church of St John Sub Castro has got the scaffolders too….

…this man has no problems skipping up those ladders with heavy equipment.

I went for a walk around my neighbouring streets admiring the views and noticing all the Sold signs on so many Lewes houses.

I also noticed that not all the signs have put placed high up on the buildings unlike the Oakleys For Sale sign that I have been looking at from my living room window now for over two years.

I am hopeful today that the respected Lewes estate agents, Oakleys, will finally persuade their contractors to remove the sign which in its lurid yellow and purple, has been a blot on a beautiful day. the contractors, or so I was told yesterday, have been waiting for the weather to improve so that it isn’t too dangerous for them to climb up their ladder. Hang on a minute….. what about all that scaffolding work going on around me? Maybe today will be the day or will there be a new excuse next time I ring Oakleys. Watch this space whilst I try not to watch the space immediately in front of my window.

…and just when I had given up, as this glorious November daylight started to fade…..yes, he came – the man in the van and down came the sign.
…and I have my view back….
…with not a yellow and purple sign anywhere to be seen. Thank you Bryn and Chris from that splendid lewes estate agents, Oakleys. In the end you were as good as your word.


  1. We've shared your pain, now may we share your joy?

    I just hope to God that they don't decide to sell the shop again. Or if they do, that they use an estate agent with more discreet signage.

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