Golden Celebration Day here in the UK with roses, Anglo-American relations and chat with the doctor.

Today is the day! Sitting here in my study I can tell – I just have to look out of the window at my small Lewes garden here in the UK and, yes, my rose Golden Celebration has come into bloom. That is always a good omen because it is such a gloriously joyful colour that you just have to celebrate its arrival whatever is happening.

Of course, we are having a golden celebration here in Great Britain, well a diamond one actually if the royal bling is anything to go by, and why not, it is good to see the Obamas on our soil giving us an injection of New World vitality and reminding us that, for us at least, the Anglo-American relationship is a special one. Good seeing the youthful Obamas, personifications of  hope, getting on so well with our equally optimistic octogenarian constitutional monarch.  Whether we like it or not there is something about the Anglo-American relationship that is special even if we are being encouraged to call it an “essential relationship” these days and even if it is not the politically personal relationship that our Prime Minister, David Cameron, is trying to flaunt in the press but then every politician, including President Obama, is on a perpetual search for the next photo opportunity. The trouble is Dave takes such a bad photo – he always looks like a pudding next to people with real faces.  I don’t know what America thinks it gets from us but we are the beneficiaries whenever we are made to look at the ‘American Dream” even if even America itself hasn’t got there yet either.

Maybe it was all this Anglo-American relationship stuff that made me feel like celebrating today or maybe it was the conversation with my doctor who reported back on the report on that 24 hour blood pressure monitor that I wrote about a couple of weeks ago.

I am OK! A bit volatile, well you know me, a touch up and down but nothing worth worrying about. He thinks it is just how I am and that I should embrace this self-knowledge and just get on with my life. Now that is worth celebrating.

As is the news this morning that another of my poems is to be published – this time in the Shot Glass Journal in America (see Musepie Press in my Links column on the right) – now there you go, that too is a special Anglo-American relationship.

Maybe, whatever we all have to celebrate today, we should do it thinking of the hopeful and life-endorsing vitality of my rose, Golden Celebration.


  1. Excellent news all round then. I'm really pleased the silliness of the monitoring process has resulted in you being reassured and released from further worry 🙂

    Sniff those roses!


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