Good wishes for the USA from the calm side of Hurricane Sandy

It’s a pleasant, slightly breezy Autumnal morning here in Lewes, UK, but enjoying it is a guilty secret on the day that Hurricane Sandy is on its perilous journey towards the coast of the USA. I’m hoping that it won’t be as serious as all the forecasters are projecting. They are expecting a gigantic storm when Sandy meets a huge area of high pressure in the mid Atlantic that will divert it, at full strength straight onto New Jersey, New York and Washington D.C. My thoughts are with everyone over there at this dramatic time.

Even if there was anything us Brits could do to help, a quick look at the departure board at London’s Heathrow Airport shows us that we are truly cut off from our American cousins.

So we can only watch and wait on this side of the storm and hope that Sandy will be kind.

The only hope I can offer is that, Wizard of Oz style, the Presidential campaign could benefit from this stormy interlude. If I were to click my red shoes together and wish, then maybe Mitt Romney might get blown away, as safely as Dorothy was, to a land where he could learn to see things differently somewhere along that Yellow Brick Road.

Let’s hope then that he’s the only American to have a bumpy interlude over the next few days and that he returns enlightened by his time with Dorothy and her friends. So, even if my wish doesn’t come true, here’s that clip to cheer you all up and afterwards, if you dare, there’s the twister scene too:

Keep safe everybody!

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