Happy Birthday Mr President from Marilyn Monroe and wolfiewolfgang.

There doesn’t have to be a reason to bring Marilyn Monroe to these blogs but as today is President Barrack Obama’s 50th birthday, it is time to take one more look at that sexiest of women.

Let’s hear it from her again in honour of Barrack Obama who needs all the good wishes that he can find these days. Here she is as the compere said prophetically, “the late Marilyn Monroe” singing “Happy Birthday Mr President” to President Kennedy who, like Monroe too, never reached his 50th. Birthday.

And here, especially for you Mr President, is wolfiewolfgang’s personal digest of all the horoscopes floating around the web today your birthday – they may be meaningless rubbish but, hey, it’s your birthday:

“Pluto in Capricorn will be screaming at you to let yourself go for once – to open the shutters, take a risk and give full vent to the emotional person that you are in your heart. When your behavior is aligned with your passion, anything is possible. If you are not making the money you think you should, now is time to think about changing jobs. Now is a good time for surrounding yourself with friends.

This is an action-packed day that can bring you closer to what you want if you’re willing to walk your talk. The words flow off your tongue easily when you tell others about your dreams. But idle chatter is cheap, so it’s crucial to galvanize your thoughts into actions. Your finances will begin to stabilize by October, after which you’ll be free from the restrictive budget you’ve been under. You’ll solve a mystery in November.

You’ll feel empowered as you engage in more self-nurturing and spiritual practice as encouraged by this year’s spirit guide, the Ant.”

Happy Birthday Barrack Obama – and good luck!

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