Happy Birthday Mr President Mugabe – Not!

88 today! 88 today! It should be a day celebrate and, unfortunately, Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe,  has every intention of celebrating it to the full.

It is too late now to wish him retribution for the cruel, blood-thirsty and immoral way he has run his country for over thirty years, all we have left is for him to sink into an obscure retirement or,  without too much lingering, to go the way of all mortal flesh.

Too many lives have been ruined by this man for us to retain any tender thoughts for him in his remarkable old age as the World’s longest serving President. If this is his reward for a term of office where he held his countrymen in contempt and human life cheap, then there is no natural justice in the World – but I guess we all knew that already.

Unfortunately Zimbabwe doesn’t have any rich oil fields, otherwise the United Nations would have got its act together and sent him the way of his nasty co-criminals, the late Presidents of Iraq and Libya.

I don’t wish you would choke on your birthday cake, Mr President, but I hope that it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth.

Now go for God’s sake!

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