Has David Cameron got a plan for Europe?

It just shows I daren’t turn my back for a minute.  I take a couple of weeks off for a holiday, now look what’s been happening. Poor old Dave – the Prime Minister of my country – you remember, Britain, that small island off the Northern coast of Europe.

Dave has been thinking again and just look what’s happened.



It’s like being the most unpopular kid in class.

Your enemies get all the plumb jobs and you’ve got nothing to say. (Editor’s note: If you missed it, David Cameron tried and failed to stop Jean-Claude Juncker’s appointment as President of the EU).


You know everyone is laughing at you but you don’t know what they’re saying.

And even your best mate decided enough is enough. (Editor’s note: British Foreign Secretary William Haig resigns to spend more time doing almost anything else).

And the school bullyboy is laughing to your face. (Editor’s note: this, if you don’t know, is Nigel Farage, leader of the Britain’s Out Of Europe/ Blame It all On Immigration Party, UKIP).

I wonder if Philip (Out-of-Europe-Conservative) Hammond is a good choice for Britain’s new Foreign Secretary. Hmm, let’s not worry, I’m sure Dave’s got it all worked out.


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