Having my photograph taken and loving it.

I’ve had a posh new photograph portrait taken now that I’m only a month away from the publication of my novel. Even though I’m not known to be shy and retiring, I actually dreaded having to sit for this because I always get embarrassed and highly self-conscious in front of the camera. Anyway, my publisher, Ward Wood Publishing, approved it and I just went for it in the spirit of going to the dentist. Actually, I didn’t have to go anywhere, the photographer, Brighton-based David Myers came to my house here in Lewes, UK, on a dark wet Monday morning just as I was recovering from the lurgey and quietly turned the place into a photographic studio. My fear disappeared immediately. I think Mr Myers has a genius for these things. Actually it was fun even though the whole process took about  three hours.

David Myers

I was very pleased with the results and would recommend him to anyone even the most camera-shy.

I like him even more now, of course, because he’s written about the experience from his point of view on his blog. Thanks again David, great job. Here’s the link:



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