Hello, old friend, the lat pull-down machine – it’s been too long.

Bug-free at last, I’ve been going back to the gym over the last few weeks continuing on my fitness “come-back” after four years of gradual progress after that dreaded brain haemorrhage. I’ll be celebrating Haemorrhage Day on October 30th – the 4th anniversary of the day that I nearly died. I’m glad I didn’t know in those early weeks of recovery that it would take all this time until I was really up to getting back to fitness.

This week I have graduated onto a new regime with a new instructor, Phil, who has given me my first fitness  programme since my illness that doesn’t have to take my recovery into consideration. I am no longer a part of the GP Referral scheme, I’ve been discharged from the  consultant for nearly two years and so I’m finally going for that burn.

So it’s hello old friend, the lat pulldown machine and all the other weight machines. I shall be doing three days of explosive training on them interspersed with two days of 25 minutes running on the treadmill. Already, four days in, I’m feeling good after some initial tiredness. In fact, I feel great.

After some time on the machines I shall return to free weights and the secret of true happiness. Already I can feel the old endorphin rush and its welcome feeling of physical euphoria so the 30th of October this year will be a real day of celebration. Oddly, or not, last night I dreamt that I was back kung-fu sparring. Now there’s a thought.

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