Henri le chat – Henri the great


Anyone, I assume, who has ever had pet cats is often only lucky enough to meet one extra special cat in their lives. Maybe I’m being unkind to the others but for me, my special cat has to be Sidney.

Abandoned, lost and rescued from an office roof by me in maybe one one act of kind heartedness in my life, Sidney was a tiny blue eyed and very wild kitten who turned into a wild eyed cat with decidedly untameable qualities and some very unattractive habits. A mystery cat like so many others, he could also be seductively charming but only to a tiny and very honoured group of humans. Mostly he was superior, aggressive, cunningly ingenious and resentful of anyone who interrupted his chosen path through life.

Fond of existentialist cats as I am, I don’t know how I managed to miss three wonderful little films about another extra special cat – Henri.


The three short Henri films are directed by a brilliantly sardonic American wedding video-maker from Seattle, Will Braden who also does the wittily existentialist French commentary with such Gallic ennui that he sounds more French than Jean Paul Sartre. My cat sidney would have respected Henri but, undoubtedly, he would have hated him too. I can think of no greater accolade.

Will Braden and Henri

If you too missed these wonderful (and very short) films, here they are. Magnifique!

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