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I shall try to share my enthusiasm for my small courtyard garden with you on these pages. There should also be room to show you round my home town of Lewes from time to time.

28/07/2010 Barefoot potato farming Barefoot potato farming in my small town garden.

26/07/2010 Growing fruit and vegetables in my small town garden I harvest some of my fruit and veg.

19/07/2010 A Sussex Summer Weekend in Sussex I spend a typical summer weekend in Sussex.

10/07/2010 Lewes PATINA Procession is the latest to march under my window Lewes PATINA procession gets up close.

05/07/2010 Tom Paine’s new statue unveiled Tom Paine’s statue is unveiled in Lewes.

03/07/2010 Tom Paine gets a permanent memorial in Lewes A Tom Paine statue for Lewes.

02/07/2010 Strange things happening on Brack Mound Brack Mound is coming to my garden.

23/06/2010 Summertime and we must all make sacrifices Roses and gooseberries make sacrifices worthwhile.

24/05/2010 Bluebells and foxes and good news from the hospital Bluebells and foxes and good news from the hospital

21/05/2010 Don’t underestimate wallflowers
There are more to wallflowers than meet s the eye.

26/04/2010 April is looking at May in my garden
I am getting ready for that wonderful month of May in my small back yard.

22/04/2010 Cherry Blossom Time
Cherry blossom time has a special significance for me.

20/04/2010 Basking in the sun under a cloud of dust
My garden was just fine when that volcanic dust from Iceland came overhead.

09/04/2010 The White Cliffs of Sussex
The Seven Sisters – The White Cliffs of Sussex.

28/03/2010 Sowing, pricking out and potting on
Primitive husbandry inspires me to prick out and pot on.

25/03/2010 My Spring garden at night
There is something special about a wet midnight garden in Spring.

23/03/2010 Spring Equinox in Kingston, Sussex
I celebrate the Spring Equinox in the Sussex village of Kingston.

19/03/2010 Spring rain brings out the hippie in me
Spring rain with its unique perfume brings out the pent up hippie in me.

15/03/2010 Planting seeds of hope
After seeing my neurologist I find hope in sowing seeds.

10/03/2010 The sun comes over the mound
Celebration time as the sun makes it over the Mound.

01/03/2010 Spring is late
Spring is late this year.

28/01/2010 Snowdrops arrive
A snowdrop arrived – a bit late but welcome just the same.

06/01/2010 How we coped in the soft South of England when it snowed
It snowed here in Lewes and we all fell apart.

22/12/2009 Thawing!
I see how my garden coped with the snow.

18/12/2009 It’s snowing!
Snow came to Lewes – amazing.

17/11/2009 My garden in November
I missed my garden last November but I am enjoying it this time round.

06/11/2009 Lewes Bonfire on my door-step
Britain’s biggest bonfire celebration goes by my front door.

27/10/2009 Is Horace trying to tell me something?
Horace is making a statement.

20/10/2009 Autumn falls on Lewes
It is Autumn here in Lewes.

06/10/2009 Looking for Horace
My friend Horace the garden spider disappeared.

02/10/2009 There is always something going on round here
What are the builders up to over the road?

01/10/2009 Odette and Horace
The romantic tale of Odette the damselfly.

23/09/2009 My Garden Welcomes Autumn
It is Autumn but the garden shows no signs of letting up its colourful display.

01/09/2009 Standing on top of Sussex
I stand on the top of a hill in beautiful West Sussex.

27/08/2009 Rediscovering that childhood world of adders and lizards
I hadn’t been back these since a magical time in childhood.

26/08/2009 Tootling around in West Sussex
I am on a “staycation” in Sussex.

17/08/2009 What my tomatoes told me
Home grown tomatoes can give you ideas.

24/07/2009 My garden gets X-rated in July
It is a heady experience going out into my garden in July.

23/07/2009 To be or not to be – insects’ rights
I ponder the death of a hornet.

16/07/2009 Today tigers came to Lewes
Soldiers are marching down our streets again.

13/07/2009 Lewes dances for Tom Paine
The Lewes streets close down for Tom Paine celebrated in dance.

03/07/2009 Independence Day with Tom Paine in Lewes
I walk around Lewes on the eve of Independence Day and think about Tom Paine.

25/06/2009 Raspberries and strawberries ripen in my garden
My garden in June is full of ripening strawberries and raspberries.

12/06/2009 A grey sky is June is just so depressing
I struggle to be optimistic on a grey day in June.

31/05/2009 Barefoot snail crushing in a rose garden
I go barefoot snail crushing in my garden.

18/05/2009 Hints of summer in my courtyard garden
I can detect some signs of Summer now in my small courtyard garden.

14/05/2009 Crowd scenes at Lewes Market
I go to market in Lewes town centre.

04/04/2009 Dancing with the Morrismen
Lewes is the perfect place to catch English traditions such as Morris dancing.

01.05/2009 English Bluebells on May Day
It is May Day and the bluebells are flowering – perfect.

28/04/2009 You can see the remains of the Norman Conquest from my window
I go on a walk round Lewes looking at Norman remains.

23/04/2009 My April garden
A lot of my favourite plants are flowering now.

11/04/2009 My Easter Confession
I have a confession to make about a Magnolia tree.

29/03/2009 A walk in the country
I go for a walk in the hill above Lewes – my first proper walk since my illness.

29/03/2009 Camellias can lead you astray – plant with care
I have planted a camellia in my garden and I am now worried about my moral well-being.

23/03/2009 A walk around my home town
Walking round Lewes is a simple inspiration.

22/03/2009 Things dying and things new born
My garden is becomes positively Shakespearean.

15/03/2009 My love affair with Sussex flintstones
It’s chalk and flintstones that make me think of Sussex.

14/03/2009 I try to get all Zen in my garden
It should be calm and contemplative out there in the garden but it isn’t like that for me.

11/03/2009 March time in the garden
Have a look at what going on in my garden in March.

11/03/2009 March time in the garden
Have a look at what going on in my garden in March.

07/03/2009 Some history about a famous battle that was fought in Lewes
The Battle of Lewes has got me going again.

01/03/2009 When I was a child I hated Lewes now I live here
I used to hate this place when I was a kid but now I love it.

28/02/2009 The flowers are out in my February garden
The skies might be grey but my garden is cheering me up.

22/02/2009 I sit on my throne to see the world
I have discovered the best seat in Lewes.

21/02/2009 My cherry tree is bursting its buds
The cherry tree is bursting its buds and inspiring me to poetry.

17/02/2009 My winter flowering bulbs are blooming
It might feel like winter but my early bulbs tell me something different.

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