Horrible things live where the sun don’t shine.

I wonder if, when God created life, he tried a few things out at the bottom of the sea first. Maybe it was his way of seeing whether this life thing was worthwhile at all. Luckily for us, I guess, he persevered beyond these unpleasant and seemingly oddly malformed creatures who live right down there at the bottom of the ocean where the sun don’t shine.

It is just as well that they are microscopically small or I would stop going anywhere near the sea not even daring to roll up my trousers for a paddle. I meet creatures like these in my dreams, especially if I have eaten too many oysters with my Guinness before going to bed.

They are the attractively-named bristle worms or Polychaetes if you want their posh name,  and they live around hot-water vents on the ocean floor where they consume bacteria and, I hope, have a whale of a time. Rather them than me though – imagine living down there all the time, no Downton Abbey on TV, no electioneering politicians, no Olympic Games….hmmm, on second thoughts……hey Polychaetes, can I join you down there?

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