How crazy can we all get by making a change?

When I got up this morning I wondered if it might be a good idea to have lunch instead of breakfast. It would be a change I thought.

Also, maybe a cold shower would make a change from the normal and enjoyable hot variety.

Falling down the stairs would be a change from walking down them holding on to the banisters too.

I don’t want to be old-fashioned and conservative in my habits as we are being told on posters all over Britain that we should be making a change.

For a moment I thought that these posters were referring to the rising star of the Liberal Democrat party who have had a formidable rise in their popularity. It would, I thought, certainly be a change to see them getting elected.

No, it wasn’t them who stuck the posters up but, I suspect, the slightly red-faced Conservative Party who have put the Lib Dems into our minds every time we see one of their posters.

I do wonder, however, about this business of making a change. If it is the only reason for voting for a party then it might be wiser to think again.

There is no question that Britain wants a change in its politics but, judging by the Conservative Party’s tiny lead in the opinion polls, they are not the change the nation is looking for.

We are fed up with the old brigade it seems but don’t really like the Conservatives and, unless a miracle is happening in front of our eyes, the LibDems are no more likely to get to No 10 Downing Street than the Green Party.

The nation wants to vote for “a hung parliament” but we can’t do that because we have to vote for one person to represent us in the area where we live. The hung parliament that is so popular is really a symbol of how little the electorate want the Labour Party or the Conservatives.

If the country is to get want it wants then there should be a strong LibDem showing in the polls tomorrow and they should be a part of whichever new administration staggers to Westminster after what could be an awkward few days of haggling. If they do manage to gain some influence then they will do what most of us want: they will make sure that the electoral system is changed for good.

I am looking forward to the General Election after next. We might even be able to get the government we want next time.

I spoke to my High Tory, but deeply respected mother yesterday. She is having her hair done today so I suggested she got herself a crew-cut – just for a change.

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