How do I stay calm whilst I am wearing a 24 hour blood pressure monitor?

On my last two visits to my doctor, he resumed what last year had been the regular post-brain haemorrhage monitoring of my blood pressure which seems to be going all over the place again these days. Inevitably, even though he is an unusually calm man,  it was high when he took it on both occasions so, today, I am wearing a blood pressure monitoring device which will clock my blood pressure for 24 hours.  It involves wearing a strap around my arm…..

… is connected to a monitor attached to my waist.

I have to keep a diary of what I am doing whenever the device goes off. Hmm – I wonder how honest I should be there.

Should I admit to going on a pub-crawl or having immoral thoughts? And if, say, I were to be robbing a bank when the monitor started up, should I write this down on the log and, if I did, would the doctor be bound by patient confidentiality?

I am hoping that I shall have an exiting day so I can fill in as colourful a log as possible. As well as saying what I was doing each time it is activated, I have to say where I was, in what position (!), and
what mood I was in.  Well, let’s see just how shocking I can be during the next 24 hours. Hmm….where shall I start?


  1. I think your attitude is exactly correct. A positive embrace of where your life has happily reached,alongside a relative respectfulness concerning the input of the medical establishment regarding your future.

    Give them something meaningful they can work with and, while they think about that,get on with your life xxx

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