I am finally turning into the complete Apple fan.

I came into my room to turn off my computer last night – my wonderful new iMac computer if you want to know – and remembered the last time i turned off my once loved but then despised Microsoft pc. I had shared much with that old computer over quite a few years and when I pushed it’s off button for the last time, I remembered all the good times. Now of course, I am totally in love with my apple computer – almost as if that old machine had never shared my life.

I had a  similar feeling last night when I turned off my mobile phone – my htc smart phone if you want to know – and, once more a remembered the good times that we have shared together over the last two years.

Well, in all honestly, I remembered the very few good times as, mostly, this phone has driven me to spasms of despair and frustration with its over-complex programming and its annoyingly sluggish finger controls. I am a sentimentalist at heart I suspect because I did have a sudden fondness for this irritating piece of technology. The feeling came to me last night because I had just ordered my brand new and totally amazingApple  i-Phone4  – the perfect partner for my Apple i-Mac computer.

I really don’t want to become an apologist for Apple products but I just can’t help it. They are just so beautiful, so enjoyable to use and, yes, so much fun.

I have a bit of a wait I suspect before my new phone arrives but I am already planning the funeral of that htc phone but, shhh, don’t let it hear us.

After all that shiny black technology, let’s turn to shiny white stuff – Here in Lewes in the UK, we woke up to snow as we  finally joined the rest of the country with our own premature attack of Winter. Pretty but cold.


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