I can’t help being a photographer-wannabe in Lewes at seven in the morning.

I just had to go and grab my camera after my taichi practice in the garden here in Lewes, England, this morning.  One of the many good things about challenging the stay-in-bed in me, is the early morning dew on the spiders’ webs accompanied by the soft sweet smell of moistened rose leaves. Here are some photos just to show you what I mean. Sorry I can’t help with the aroma so just imagine, as John Lennon would advise.

My fences were planned for roses and clemmatis and, this year they have been great but the mix of the late last bloomings from some of my favourite roses and the sculptural interest from the clammatis seedheads, there is another picturesque element in early autumn that I had not predicted.

Those intricate webs, shining in the sunlight, are as decorative as any flower.

An artist has beaten me to it and made my garden, at this time of year, even more beautiful than i could have imagined.

It is all, of course, thanks to my friends the spiders who are legion out there at the moment – they are in their element as this time of year.

Now I must get on with the rest of my day – just a little bit inspired. Thank you Horace and your eight-legged friends.

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