I enjoyed the Blues and the wine on Saturday night but I really wanted to sing..

The silent movie above is my sad attempt at bringing you a taste of some of the entertainment I enjoyed this weekend here in Sussex, England.

I went to a friend’s birthday party on Saturday night in a tiny village hall a few miles away from my home here in Lewes. He is a musician as were most of his friends and, unlike other birthday parties that I go to these days, it wasn’t just a lot of hanging around getting drunk and talking nonsense – on Saturday there was some serious music-making on hand.

Everyone, except me and a handful of others, had come ready to lay blues and jazz so it was really several hours of excellent entertainment.

Generous spirited as I am, I could not hide the feeling that I wanted to be up there singing so I cursed my classical training that makes me microphone shy and, I have to admit it, remarkably uncool vocally whenever I am tempted to try singing the Blues.

Even that bottle of Pinot Grigio in my pocket didn’t weaken my resolve (or my disappointment) to avoid performing music which I love but which I cannot do. One day maybe.

Meanwhile I enjoyed everyone else’s finesse and think I would like to go to more parties like this where there was no need to talk, only listen.


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