I like being a two-novel writer.

Copies of my new Brighton novel arrived today – hurray! Now that I have the actual physical objects, I really feel like it’s been published.

Stephen Dearsley, from my first novel, Stephen Dearsley’s Summer of Love, isn’t a bit jealous that he has a new companion – it’s a bit like having a baby brother – or maybe not. Anyway, I feel like a new child has been born.

Many thanks to Ward Wood Publishing, and especially to Adele Ward, for producing such a beautiful book. Thanks and admiration to to Kayla Bell who designed the brilliant Modernist cover – I love it.

So folks, it really is out there now –Blue Notes, Still Frames is my second Brighton novel and it moves forward to 1994 – My first Brighton book, Stephen Dearsley’s Summer of Love was set in 1967.  Here’s the publisher’s blurb, if you want to know what it’s all about.

You can buy the paperback edition a number of ways. Either directly from the publishers:


From Book Depository, especially if you are outside the UK:

You can buy it at Amazon too – especially if you want the Kindle edition which is already online:


Or, of course, you can order it from your local independent bookshop. Mine, here in Lewes is the excellent independent bookseller Skylark – the owner, Matt Birch is a champion of Lewes’ artist community and for that we are all grateful.


He is stocking both my novels so go and see him at the Needlemakers, West Street, Lewes,  or contact him via his website:



  1. Hello Mr Bell, apologies for popping up out of thin air! My reason is that I gather from my builder who was kindly doing some homework on my behalf, that you used to live in a house called White Lodge, South Strand, this being my grandparents’ final house between the 1950’s and 1980’s, I truly loved that beautiful house and would be most grateful to speak with you about what you remember of the house, I am also trying to track down the architect or any early drawings as it is my plan and goal to build a warmer(!) and updated version of this wonderful house in the coming years! with all good wishes and hoping to hear from you,

    • Hello Karen, good to hear from you. Sorry not to have seen this untiL now as I have not being updating the blog recently. I’m happy to communicate over White Lodge whenever you wish. I was but a child, of course, but i do know that the house was featured in Ideal Home magazine in the 1930s. Anyway. Let me know. Colin Bell

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