I savour a glass of Moss Powie whisky – a special drink for Hogmanay

I got this old jam jar out of the drinks cabinet on New Year’s Eve.  In spite of its rather suspect appearance, it is not an improvised specimen jar and it certainly has got nothing to do with jam so ignore the label.

It was a dram of a very special whisky that an old school friend gave me some months ago now in the days when I was still not allowed to drink spirits. It was a generous gift indeed as it was taken from a rare bottle of a whisky called Moss Powie, distilled near Loch Lomond in 1975 and bottled in 2008 and now practically unobtainable even at the gigantic price that my friend and his fellow whisky drinkers paid for it.

It seemed appropriate to drink it as a toast to New Year on that most scottish of nights known up there as Hogmanay.  It was worth the wait – redolently floral in taste with a subtle mixture of tastes and an intoxicatingly subtle bouquet, it also came with quite a punch at 48.5 % proof.

I enjoyed every drop and hope that the new year will be as auspicious as the taste of that drink which I am sure I will never be lucky enough to encounter again.

Cheers, David. A Happy New year to you and to all my other friends.

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