I think I’m allowed a few moments of quiet celebration now that my novel is about to go off to the printers.

It was the weekend when I actually believed that my novel really is going to be published and that it is going to be happening almost immediately now. Well, actually 31st October but that’s no time away. The text has now been agreed and it will soon be off to the printers. I’ve even made it into the papers! I did this interview for the Sussex newspaper, The Argus last week and it came out on Saturday.  Take a look – it felt very strange reading about myself in the newspaper.


It’s almost enough to make a guy come out with corny remarks about this being a lifetime’s ambition coming true. Well, it’s true. Do I believe it? Well, actually, not fully. I’m amazed and I shall endeavour to enjoy these next weeks knowing that nothing could be quite as exciting again



My first novel, Stephen Dearsley’s Summer Of Love, is published  on 31 October 2013. It is the story of a young fogey living in Brighton in 1967 who has a lot to learn when the flowering hippie counter culture changes him and the world around him.

You can  pre-order the book from the publishers, Ward Wood Publishing:
…or from Book Depository:

…or from Amazon:

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