I want the new feel-like-a-Dolphin machine

I watched a video this morning of this amazing new machine which puts a new spin on water-skying, jet skying and all the other aqua motor sports. It is a grey windy day here in Britain, I have a cold and my muscles ache but, I can tell you dear readers, if some kind soul gave me one of these I would be off in an instant.

It is called a Fly Board and it is, pretty well what you see, an exciting addition to a jet ski – seen here used by its dynamic French inventor, Jet Ski champion Francky Zapata who claims it is capable of making you feel like a dolphin. Now that sounds truly transformative to someone like me who has more in common with a crab.

So thanks Francky – next time  I am in Marseilles, France, I might ask you to show me how to do it. It might be the greatest temptation in my life since rollerblades.

Francky Zapata – “what a guy!”

In case you are not convinced, here is that French video:

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