White Rabbit read some more wolfiewolfgang in an evening of sex, erect nipples and chip butties.

I was up in London on Friday night for another White Rabbit Theatre Company – www.thewhiterabbit.org.uk – production of Are You Sitting Comfortably? where my short story, Bears About, was performed by the excellent, extrovert and accent fluent Bernadette Russell. It is fantastic hearing my work performed by professional actors and even more exciting hearing the audience’s response – there is something validating about an audience’s laughter when those jokes or humourous remarks always written in solitude finally reach their target.

The theme was sex, so look away now if you are easily shocked, and there was a record audience, disgusting people Londoners, for all those sex-themed stories and, maybe above all, for the slide show of  Edwardian erotica. Why do those naked ladies of times past look so much ruder than modern nudes? I think they look much more naked and, just possibly, a lot more fun.

There were other treats too apart from the stories and the nudes including chip butties (see above), icecream and, of course, booze.

All of these stimuli got the packed audience into the mood long before the first story, which happened to be mine, attempted to stir libidinous imaginations.

With my story done, and generously received, I could sit back and listen to the other writers’ work. Well, I learnt a lot. I didn’t realize women were so obsessed with male nipples or voyeurism for a start and I will never think of my piano arpeggio practice the same way again for sure. I won’t go any further but I think you can tell how the evening developed. It was great fun.

So thanks Bernadette, thanks White Rabbit and thanks to everyone who turned out. It was standing room only and I enjoyed myself enormously.


  1. OK I googled chip butty and there's one mystified American here. Why the bread? Why not just eat chips? Afraid of getting ketchup on the fingers?? The whole idea seems redundant to me.

    Congrats on the reading btw.

  2. Well William, I have to admit that I resisted having one of those chip butties. I have a horrible feeling the attraction is that they are exceedingly filling. They are a Northern English phenomenon and serve the same purpose I suspect as fried chocolate Mars Bars – I hope I don't offend my fellow Englishmen in declaring them irredeemably gross.

    The theme that night was, as I said, sex but I fear that after consuming one of those butties, there might not be much further activity. Then again I am an innocent in these matters and don't see any likely aphrodisiac qualities in bread and chips…now oysters and Guinness is another matter.

    Thanks for the congrats…..i do feel quite chuffed by the reaction to my story.

  3. I don't mind chip butties but I wouldn't see them as an aphrodisiac – more comfort food. There is something nice about soft bread and crisp, hot chips.
    Nor am I fascinated by male nipples! I'll have to pay more attention, clearly.* resolves to do better. x

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