I went to see an amazing band called Duotone and discovered the joys of the loop pedal.

On Friday night I was at the Brunswick Pub in (Hove actually) Brighton, UK, to hear the truly phenomenal Oxford duo known as Duotone, namely Barney Morse-Brown and James Garrett who with the brilliantly used loop pedal at Barney’s feet, performed a kaleidoscopic range of instruments, cello, guitars, percussion and vocals all live with no prerecorded sound. I had never seen the loop pedal used so effectively live. Barney is laying down tracks as he goes and manipulates them as he caries on p;laying new tracks on various instruments – all without any hiccups or pauses – sensational. Amazing enough just as an example of musical skill but all the better because their songs are not just original and thought-provoking but they are also very beautiful. If you get the chance go to see them – I loved the gig on Friday. I guess I’m a sucker for their mix of classical baroque, folk and progressive rock – you might be too.

Here is the wonderful song You Don’t Need Church – performed here without the other half of Duotone, James Garrett who, on Friday, added some gloriously understated percussion and vocals:

This virtuosic track was performed live for the BBC and shows, I think, how the loop pedal stars in this band’s work:

Here they are again, explaining their work and performing some more songs:

and  their latest video, Alphabet, is darkly unsettling, surprizing and gorgeous:

It’s not too late to see them on their UK tour, four more gigs to go:

Fruit, Hull 2nd October 2012   http: / / www. fruitspace. co. uk

Leaf, Liverpool 3rd October 2012  http: / / www. thisisleaf. co. uk

Taylor John’s House, Coventry 4th October 2012 http: / / www. thetinangel. co. uk

Pegasus Theatre, Oxford 5th October 2012   http: / / www. pegasustheatre. org. uk

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