If you ever think your day is becoming a nightmare, remember this man.

A walk in the country will never seem the same again for this man.

He looks a fast enough runner – well a lot faster than me anyway.

There is civilization ahead, well a Shell petrol station,  but will he get there in time?

I like to think so but hippopotami can run at 30 mph.  Come on someone help the guy. Luckily we don’t get many of these ferocious creatures in my home town of lewes, UK.


  1. So how did it end?

    People on the Today programme don't like sentnces that start with 'so'. So, who cares about them?

  2. So you want to know if the man got away.

    So many people do.

    So here's the answer…..

    So that Ugandan game-keeper got away from the hippo but only just.

    So there you go.

    So keep away from hippos.

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