I’m in charge now

I feel that I am in the seat of power now after the fourteen months since I started this website.

It has been hugely enjoyable and at times quite demanding to keep the daily blogs going without pause and I have been amazed by the number of loyal readers who have followed me in this adventure.

One of the site’s greatest helpers though has been my friend Will who has been my adviser and guide through so many stages in getting this on the air. I came on-line as an I.T. virgin and I have, to be honest, always struggled with the technical side of running this show – up until now that is.

Finally and triumphantly Will has broken through into the density that is my computer brain and now I can do all the things that anyone running a website needs to do – I don’t mean I understand how it works but I know what to do as the bishop said to the actress.

My frustration has been focused on my inability to fill those chapter headings that you can see at the top of your screens but, as from today, they are open for your inspection because I have nearly brought them all up to date with articles covering the several main points of interest in my blogging life. I am hoping now that you out there will take a look and get into the habit of browsing up there.

“Music & Arts” now has pieces that I have written about my main passion in life and you will find a varied selection of topics close to my heart.

“Film Reviews” is pretty self-evident and has been running for some time now with reviews of the latest films from the Wolf’s perspective. Monday’s are the film review blog days – at least for now whilst so many good films are being released at this time of year.

“Photography” has been lying empty since the sight started but now I have begun to fill it. First up are some of my photographs taken in China in 2008 and my first experiments with my shiny new digital camera. Many more pictures are to follow.

“Martial Arts” has pieces about my main pastime: Kung Fu and includes an account of my visit to China in February 2008 when I studied under two Kung Fu masters. There are also acounts of my time at the regular Kung Fu summer camps run by my club but also some pieces on how Kung Fu has helped me in my physical and mental recovery from serious illness.

“Home & Garden” has monthly reports on another of my passions – gardening. I built a new garden here in 2008 and I have been following its’ progress in words and pictures ever since. This section also includes pieces on my home town of Lewes and the surrounding Sussex countryside. You will tell from looking around in this chapter that I am a lucky guy top live in such a great part of the World. Come up and see me some time.

“Health” is the chapter where I have been documenting my recovery from a major brain haemorrhage which changed my life on 30th. October 2008. I have tried to show others just what it is like to suffer traumatic brain injury and just how slow recovery can be even for those as lucky as myself who has survived with most of my bits intact.

“Miscellaneous” is just that. It has pieces which might still entertain you from a wide range of topics – variety is the theme for the whole of this website so look up MISC if you want to relax.

“Contact Me” means what it says too – I would love to hear your views and opinions either in the comments section below each entry and at the bottom of each chapter section or by clicking on Contact Me and sending me an email.

I am nearly there – nearly up-to-date with the entries in these chapters but already there is a lot up there for you to read.

Meanwhile, here in the driving seat, I can now develop new ideas for wolfiewolfgang.com and bring them myself to fruition.

Thanks Will for getting me here and thank you all for continuing to read.

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