I’m off to get my fitness tested at the gym – coffee-deprived but optimistic.

I’m in a rush today so apologies to all my readers. Today is no breakfast, no coffee and last night was no alcohol. I’m off to the gym, feeling remarkably cheerful,  for my fitness assessment after the first period of my new regime comes to an end. This programme, five days on and two days off,  of anaerobic interval training and weights with alternate days running on the treadmill has certainly got me going again. I follow the weight training three times a week with  half an hour of stretching and then practice my kungfu patterns.

Today I shall find out just how much, if at all, my strength and flexibility has improved so I’m off now to meet up with Phil my fitness instructor. I wonder if the Bodystat testing machine will look like the sinister Zander device above. I’ll let you know how I get on but not until I’ve had myself a strong cup of coffee.

I’m back, coffeed and pleased to find that all that exercise is beginning to pay off. I was attached to a device known as a Bodystat with electrodes attached to two points on my hands and feet and I lay still on a mat – narrowly avoiding falling asleep.

It is a painless and sensation-free experience that measures vital statistics like the body’s percentage fat, leanness and water content.

I was pleased to find out that, after all that exercise, my body fat percentage is lower (by a few percentage points) and my muscle percentage is correspondingly higher and water content is fine. I am   four points away from the recommended percentage so I’m on my way.  It would have been awful to find I had put on fat in the last two months but then again Christmas feasting must have had some impact. I shall meet up again with my trainer Phil on Wednesday and start a new weights regime. Onwards and upwards! Now, I think, another cup of coffee.

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