I’m a typical Libran – sorry

Libra – body painting by Neil Hughes, photography by Alex Shelley.

I don’t understand all this stuff about horoscopes and zodiac signs but I do know that my “birth sign” is Libra illustrated as balancing scales, rather dull I used to think, but quite interesting in this Libra tattoo.  I am supposed to be balanced, charming and judgmental but I’m not sure if that is how I see myself or if I do, how I want to see myself. I suppose though any reader of these blogs would notice that I’m not always kind to politicians and authority figures and maybe to often sit in judgement on them. Not an attractive quality I suspect.

Charming is a rather superficial (and possibly insincere) characteristic – well I used to work in television so say no more.

I’m most conscious of all this balancing business. Some people call in indecisive but I see it as weighing up all the options before rushing into a mistake – I definitely this after a lot of prevarication. Us Librans though are good at balancing acts, I would be too if I wasn’t so uncoordinated. Don’t get me to go up there like this man. In fact don’t even think about it.

I am happy to be considered a typical Libran – I suspect that there’s nothing I can do about it anyway.  Be warned though, Librans are supposed to be quite romantic –  now that’s a dangerous mix…a judgmental  charmingly superficial and indecisive romantic. No problem with that or is there?  Now, should I get that tattoo for my birthday? I just can’t make up my mind

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