In comes the east wind but my chili peppers are staying out there for a bit longer.

Here in my garden in Lewes, England, I can feel the first hints of a change in temperature as the wind direction shifts and some sobering Eastern cold air comes in to hurry along the autumn. As the season changes out there, I am grateful to my display of climbing nasturtiums with their optimistic yellows and carmine reds but I am also happy that the fuschias are flowering with their who-cares-if-we-are-garish flowers livening up what can be dull autumnal days.

There are still some roses flowering too with plenty of buds on the way but I am not sure if they will be allowed to steal another crop before the frosts silence them for another year.

I am still cropping tomatoes and runner beans but I have continued to dither over my chili peppers. Ridiculously, there are forty plants out there in my small back yard and they are all now developing their fruits. should I bring them indoors to finish them off or should I leave them out there for just a bit more autumn sunshine? I cannot decide. Another week maybe until my kitchen becomes a chili pepper jungle before I also start giving plants away to my neighbours. Expect Lewes dinner parties to have an added zing with the taste of extra hot peppers this winter.

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