Is Britain waking up to the seriousness of this General Election?

Gordon Brown launching his election campaign with his adoring supporters.

So who knows, maybe the British General Election is going to give us a big surprize.

David Cameron chose to launch his campaign all on his own to a selected audience of “every-people.”

The latest opinion poll cuts the Conservative lead and the much respected Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has issued a forecast saying that the British economy is growing faster than the other main European countries.

Could the economic up-turn be turning up just in time to save Gordon Brown’s premiership?

Gordon Brown at his press conference

Mr Brown is looking stronger these days just as his opponent David Cameron is looking increasingly weak.

David Cameron at a bakery

Whenever the economy is discussed, Conservative promises of increased investment in public services and tax cuts just don’t add up and, even the non-economists amongst us can tell that they don’t really understand the complexities of international finance.

They have the support, of course, of a whole load of rich industrialists thrilled by the thought of the Conservatives bringing in “their” policies of helping the rich no matter what happens to the nation as a whole. The latest opinion poll shows that there is a majority who support the idea of increasing National Insurance payments in the interests of protecting health and education

Could the electorate be waking up to the fact that, even if it is time for a change, it might not be worth it if the Opposition party is just not experienced enough to bring us out of the recession.

David Cameron launched his campaign telling us all to vote for “change, optimism and hope” – did he mean we should all be whistling in the wind? From where I am sitting, we would have to be optimistic indeed to have any hope that he is the man to lead the country through this difficult time.


  1. It is interesting that people seem to believe that business people are putting the good of the country before personal gain. Just like the bankers did, I suppose.

    What is good for business is not necessarily good for the country (although nor is it necessarily bad).

    The odd thing that nobody seems to mention that a lot of 'public money' goes to the private sector: building schools, roads etc. But they are good organisations, aren't they? Like the banks.

    why do I feel that I have been here before?

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