Is the Eastleigh by-election the beginning of the end for David Cameron?

David Cameron

Britain didn’t elect this man Prime Minister at the last General Election but he got in anyway after a deal with the Liberal Democrats – today his party couldn’t even come second against those same Liberal Democrats in the by-election at Eastleigh fought after the sitting liberal Democrat MP, and cabinet minister, had to resign for cheating his way out of a driving offence  It doesn’t feel like mid-term for the Conservatives, it feels like terminal. The Conservative party hasn’t won an over-all majority since 1992 and it certainly didn’t win anything in yesterday’s Eastleigh by-election. When the British electorate found out that they hadn’t really wanted anyone last time round and that we were to have our first coalition government since the Second World War, there were many who saw this as a hopeful sign of politicians coming together to sort the economic crisis brought about by the crazy free-run by the banks and other international financial institutions. I didn’t share that hope and I have even less reason to be hopeful that this government can solve the problem half way through their term of office. The economy has worsened, Britain has sunk into an unprecedented triple-dip recession and the Prime Minister has started to spend as much time as possible overseas. Who can blame him?

Will the Eastleigh by-election mark the beginning of the end for this government? I don’t know but Mr Cameron and his chancellor of the exchequer, George Osborne, have not only failed but have been seen to have failed. We the people can certainly see that but so can the Conservative Party itself so we can expect it soon to start its by now traditional habit of tearing itself apart from within. Who will win the next election? I don’t know but this time, British electorate, please don’t allow these people to govern again. Britain can’t afford them.

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