It all came out in the wash.

We’re not meant to enjoy undiluted pleasure very often in life and yesterday was no exception to that miserable truth. First the good news: I’ve finished the first draft of my new novel which is coming in at around 80,000 words. I will now put it aside while I get on with a batch of poetry events and submissions which have had to take a back seat while I was in prose writing mode. So, undiluted pleasure hit just where I like it. I hope to finish another draft at least before my first novel comes out in October.

So what was the sting? you ask, confused by the photograph above. Or maybe not so confused. Maybe you’ve guessed already. Yes, I mixed writing with washing and ended up putting a pair of shorts into the washing machine along with my iPhone. The shorts came out well but the phone, as far as I can tell, have given up the ghost.

That was yesterday, today will be dedicated to finding a replacement. Meanwhile, if you have my number,  it’s probably not worth ringing it.

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