It is Snowdrop Day here in my garden

We’ve had the snow and now it’s time for the snowdrops. The garden is looking pretty scruffy and neglected after that beautiful wrapping of white melted away so I was not expecting much when I went out there for a touch of taichi this morning. The sight of the first snowdrops of the year is for me, now I have stopped drinking alcohol, as exciting at the day when all good wine dealers declare: “Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrive”. [ I am not clever enough to work out how an put acute accent on the last e of arrive so forgive my French. Maybe someone at Blogger cold show me. Hint.] Anyway, even for you wine drinkers out there, it is a long wait until the third Thursday in November. For now, let’s shout: “le perce-neige est arrive!” The snowdrops have arrived.

The old adage that one swallow doesn’t make a summer can I guess be applied to how many snowdrops make the first signs of Spring. I don’t care that Spring is a long way off still because I have always been a fan of early flowering bulbs. They are the poor man’s alternative to Winter holidays in the Caribbean. Any way, I don’t just have one snowdrop this morning, I have two.

As exciting, to my simple mind, are the vigorous and radiantly green shoots springing up all around them – it is soon going to be early bulb party time – yay!

It is a bit like the parable of the Prodigal Son however, I am the typical Dad in that story who welcomes the newcomer enthusiastically whilst taking the old dependent son (the boring one I always thought) for granted.

Today I am full of enthusiasm for those snowdrops and I have totally ignored the brave camellia bud that struggled through the snow and is now in full bloom even if it is, to say the least, a touch bedraggled.

Its less courageous fellow buds are waiting a bit before unraveling their delicate petals.

Similarly, now the snow has gone, I barely noticed that the primroses had flowered throughout the winter and they are still looking good in my two primrose dedicated urns.

Today, however, is snowdrop day……have a look for some near you. You might be lucky too.


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