It’s snowing!

Forgive me all you readers lying out there in the sun or now in your second month of deep snow but here in Lewes in the South of the UK, we are not that used to real snow at Christmas time and I just can’t help getting excited about it.

As Bing Crosby sang so I think….there is something extra special about snow at Christmas.

Last night, at about midnight, I went outside and looked at the snow – somehow to my eyes, more exciting by street light.

Then this morning, I was happy to see that the snow had settled and actually got deeper. It is a childish thing no doubt but I love to see familiar places and objects re-decorated and shape-shifted. Snow does that for us letting us reassess things that we take for granted. I love snow even though I live in a country that never really copes with it. From the shelter of my house I am just going to celebrate it and offer only a slight portion of sympathy to all those people stranded in their cars and on trains across the country.

Anyway, this is how it looks from my windows. If you are sweltering in the heat somewhere, just envy the beauty of snow for a moment and then turn over for that all over tan.

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