It’s Summertime – well, we’re nearly there in Lewes or so I’m told by Mr Schafernaker.

As you all know, we officially started summer last weekend and to prove it, yes, you’ve guessed, the seasonal change has been marked in my household by my mother’s latest tea cosy, every house should have one. Here is her Summer 2015 model – it is all blue skies and summer flowers. And,  on the other side…

Well, it’s June and nearly time for Wimbledon – so what better than a tennis court  to mark the new season. Wimbledon, of course, means rain in the first week if not the second but we had that yesterday here in Lewes, UK, and the forecast is for dry weather and, believe it or not, warmer weather  is on the way.

My garden looks ready for summer but, sorry to gripe, it’s just not hot enough out there yet. Come on England, you can do better than this in June. If you don’t get a move on I shall be forced to get out one of my winter tea cosies.

I’m hopeful about this summer though after hearing the cheerful forecast from one of the BBC’s weathermen, Tomasz Schafernaker who says that it will soon be dry and hot. Hope you’re right Mr Schafernaker,  but it’s not unknown for you to go to pieces on your national bulletins. Edinburgh? Where’s that?

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