It’s a Yes Please from me for the new Octopuses album.

I have a rock’n roll son called Adam Bell and, in case you’ve missed it, his band is called Octopuses and they have a new album, Yes Please, released this week… here it is, below,  on my desk and,  yes, I have to say, fatherly bias or no, I’m loving it.


Last night I was invited to the album launch in Brighton and, yes,  I said, yes please. So I went along and, yes, it was terrific to hear these songs live as well as on the addictive recording.

Here are a few smartphone photos that I took when I made my way, with maybe only a slight loss of cool,  to the front to capture the moment.  I may have focused a bit strongly on my son Adam but, yes, he is the guy on vocals just loving the microphone as well as the lime light but all the Octopuses are great musicians and none of them shrink from those lights. Yes, it was an inspirational night.


Here are videos of two of the songs from the album so, yes, please take a look at them to get some idea of their off-the-wall style and the musicality that is there under the humour:

You can listen to the whole album on Spotify if you follow the link below:

You can also buy it as a CD or as a download from Amazon – if you want my advice say Yes, Please and get yourself a copy.


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