iWolfie upgrades his iPhone to iPhone5

iT feels a bit liKe ChiStmas today as my new iPhone5 has just ariVed. i hope i can sort iT out wiThout any problems.

i can get iT out of iTs box OK.

i can admiRe iTs beauty….

..and i can enjoy compaRiNg iT to my old iPhone4 and see how iTs thiNner but wiTh a biGger screen.

iT is defiNiTely a thinG of beauty – look.

EverthiNg is sorted except i can’t make calls on iT – not yet anyway. UntiL then i just have to play annoyiNg games wiTh my upper and lower case i’s. i know iT’s sad but, hey, humour me, OK.

As i waiT for Vodaphone (that’s another story)  to connect my account, i have tiMe to appreciate Apple iNc’s briLliance but also to wiSh that they’d not tarnish theiR name by cheating the UK out of tax -iT iS unworthy and you don’t need the money – we do.

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