Janis Joplin – the greatest voice from the Summer Of Love

Janis Joplin

Following my blog about the Scott Mckenzie and his place in the musically rich Summer of Love in 1967, on Tuesday, one of wolfiewolfgang.com’s regular readers, sent me this note. I agree with him whole-heartedly that the late and sadly lost Janis Joplin was probably the greatest singer from the so-called Summer Of Love – she was also one of the greatest performers from any era in spite of  her tragically short life – 1943-1970. She was lead singer for one of the defining San Francisco bands of 1967, Big Brother And the Holding Company before she went on to her brief but glorious solo career. This is Brian’s note:

“Too bad Joplin seems to have fallen off the musical radar. I’ve met young people who don’t even recognize her name today. I think this clip shows a Janis few people even from our generation recall. An amazing performance:”

Thanks Brian for this – I had never seen this amazing performance before. She was performing on the 1969 TV series ‘With Tom Jones’ – I was intrigued to see what Tom was like in those days and how he would cope singing with one of rock music’s greatest legends. I think even his detractors  would have to admit that the man did good:

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