Knee Troubles

I am still recovering from a collateral ligament sprain of the left knee which I got doing a really simple move in kungfu really awkwardly. This happened a few weeks ago but has only just stopped hurting all the time now that I have started to use this excellent, if unattractive, knee support. I think I would have got better sooner if I didn’t live in one of those tall narrow Georgian houses where everything you need is always two floors up or two floors down. So I will be doing no kungfu for a bit but I like to think that the slight limp has a certain heroic quality.

My injured knee makes the perfect companion to my sinus infection but neither do much for my morale but as somebody once said “mustn’t grumble.” So I shall just take the antibiotics and look on the bright side of life.

At least I don’t have to be helping the scaffolders working across the road.

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