Kung Fu Sparring In The Park

I had my weekly kung fu lesson yesterday and we talked about that note from the neurologist which said that I can know get back to aerobic training after this year since my brain haemorrhage where I have not been allowed to raise my heart rate in any meaningful way.

I told my instructor, Neil, that I had an urge to run even which he interpreted in his much more intelligent way as an urge to have an endorphin rush brought on by getting the body moving again.

His way, as usual, was the right way.

We went to the local park on a sunny frosty morning and spent an hour doing alternate kung fu patterns interspersed with sparring sessions…..one hit and one block backwards and forwards.

It was fantastic to be doing what felt like real martial arts again….to be hitting and punching, well I suppose I mean, fighting.

I have spent a year now studiously and enjoyably practising my kung fu patterns and my taichi form and it has helped my fitness but there has always been that thought at the back of my mind that they were all training methods getting you ready for a proper fight. Doing it again felt natural and great.

I know I am not that good at it but it was still good to be told that I hadn’t forgotten my moves and that there was still a bit of force behind my punch.

I felt really good afterwards too…..there was that endorphin rush and, this time, no bad feelings in my head.

Yesterday was undoubtedly a new beginning – the Wolf is fighting back. Yay!


  1. Mixed responses here I think! As a matter of interest Mercredi, what does a kicked in Dickhead look like?

    And Liz, Neil says only very responsible people are allowed anywhere near me! Sounds boring that!

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