Laddish behaviour after that knock on the head.

I know, it’s a disgrace isn’t it! That beer bottle on my desk.

I don’t care though. I bashed my head in the downstairs cupboard last weekend and, because I am still recovering from my brain haemorrhage (God, he isn’t still going on about that is he two years on?), I have felt a bit woozy all week.

It is very depressing to get a relapse like this when I am now only a few months away from my appointment with the neurologist and for what I hope will be my final brain scan. I am sure it was only a knock and that I will be fine and that I should make sure that I don’t turn into a hypochondriac but I did get a bit low this week.

But hey it’s Friday – nearly the weekend and you can do almost anything, even begin a sentence with a conjunction or have a bottle of Peroni beer and some pizza whilst playing on the computer. Well actually that was last night but it made me feel alive again – almost the lad in fact. I didn’t even do the washing up!

Maybe some more bad behaviour is in order. Hmmm, good idea!


  1. You're just too polite… you have to add a very emphatic "I DON'T CARE" more often and certainly when responding to anyone who interrupts while you're busy with gaming, chowing on pizza and guzzling beer. That adds a nice touch and gets your point across in no uncertain terms.

    It's my son's favorite phrase right now… though he's not at the beer guzzling age yet (something to look forward to no doubt.)

    Oh…and just leave the dishes on the floor …. somewhere.

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