Lana Del Rey and her tigers – food for thought.

I know it’s not a good idea to keep large cats as pets – they don’t really like living away from the wild, they get suspicious of women in furs, prefer to catch their food on the run to shopping at even the classiest of delicatessens and, so I am told, they like to spray everything in urine even if you get them neutered. So tempting though this photograph might be – so redolent of a more elegant but maybe crueler age – it’s best to let wild animals live their own lives out there in those wild places.

The same is probably true when you are making very sexy pop videos. the  temptation is there again….and those tigers look fantastic but, there are so few of them left now in the wild that we really should be encouraging the World to make enough room for them in their own natural environment.

Lana Del Rey

So, moan over, now take a look at this video from the delectable and very stylish new star, Lana Del Rey – she struggles to dominate the shots she shares with the tigers but she makes a fine job of the rest of the movie.  Her song is called Born To Die and its taken from her debut album –  released next week. I love it.

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