Let’s Keep Our Birds of Prey, Jeffrey Lendrum

So there he is, his beady eye alert to any possibility, looking for prey, without sympathy for his victims, ignorant of all other life around him, a hunter, ruthless, heartless and totally irresponsible.

No, I don’t mean this magnificent Peregrine Falcon, I am referring to Jeffrey Lendrum who is beginning his 30 month jail sentence today for stealing and attempting to smuggle 14 peregrine falcon eggs out of Britain into Dubai where an equally predatory dealer was willing to pay him £70,000 for them. You can get a dozen chicken eggs in the supermarket for considerably less of course but Dubai likes falconry, and why not, but as with most things in that country, very little is home grown and everything has a price when you are oil rich.

We’d like to keep our Peregrine Falcons thanks all the same Mr. Lendrum so make your dirty money some other way when you get out of jail. As the judge said: “Environmental crime, if established, strikes not only at a locality and its population but in some measure to the planet and its future.” Good for you milud.

There will always be ethic-less people who will rape the planet for money so lets all treat their crimes with a new seriousness, punishing the offenders……and telling those Dubai dealers to breed their own falcons or take up golf instead.

Jeffrey Lendrum smuggled the eggs inside socks strapped to his body for warmth, fortunately, but no thanks to him, eleven of the eggs hatched successfully and a local farmer reared them and released them back into the place where the eggs were laid, the wondrous Welsh mountains of Rhondda

If you didn’t realize how special these birds are, take a look at this film clip – Peregrines are great in many ways but they are also astonishingly fast hunters:


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