Lewes is having an art wave

If you walk down any one of our small winding streets and lanes here in Lewes in the south of England, you just can’t avoid it. You might not be expecting it but it is everywhere – that thing called Art.

My home town has opened its doors to the many artists who live here, love it here or both so small bright red signs have popped up everywhere….

….and they are inviting you in to look around.

there were photogrtaphs of our local brewery in this house…..

…….drawings of naked people in this pub which you can admire whilst you have lunch or a couple of pints.

…..the clock shop has some scupture that looked like severed heads…..

……and here, a painter and a photographer, two of Lewes’ best,  even give you a cup of tea and, if you are very lucky, a butterfly bun.

…in fact, this Art Wave business is everywhere.

The local artists’ cafe and studios may have left the dog outside but they have put on a vigorous exhibition by some of the local artists who work here….

…and round the corner at the former iron foundary there is another exhibition…..

..this time of landscape paintings.

Lewes is a good place to live if you are an artist who have an interest in art and it is quite a lot of fun if you are a poet too. As I walked round town yesterday popping into the various venues to look at the art or just to do what many people do, have a nose around other people’s houses, I felt glad that this was my home. On my journey,  I also bumped into a number of friends and stood on street corners gossiping in the sunshine. There is nowhere quite like Lewes.

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