Lewes’ new poetry event in the most pleasant of Pleasant Stores

I spent some time yesterday busying myself around my home town of Lewes, UK, publicising the new poetry event that we are holding at Lewes’ very pleasant Pleasant Stores on the first Wednesday of every month.

Pleasant Stores, the shop that used to be Ron’s,  is the place for all good things, organic food, wonderful bread and cheese to say nothing for the espresso coffee or the hot meals but now it is also to be the place for delicious poetry too.

Every month I hope to welcome established, new and wannabe poets for an evening of words and fun.

Anyone interested can contact me by email info@wolfiewolfgang.com but you can also just turn up at the door or visit the shop for details.

First Wednesday Writers will be held on the first Wednesday of every month at 7.30 pm and admission is free. You can if you wish by some of store owner Sara Grisewood’s delicious refreshments.

Poetry, food and drink – things could hardly get better.

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