Lewes’ PATINA Procession is the latest carnival to walk under my window

I don’t have to go far to celebrate my home town’s taste for Carnival. We enjoy processions in these parts and, very considerately they always manage to march in front of my house.

Yesterday was the annual Patina Parade which is a celebration for final year Primary School kids to mark their move into secondary education. Patina stands for Parents and Teachers in Arts and it is a classic Lewes event as nowhere is more arty or into creative parenting and teaching than my encouragingly progressive town.

I liked the tiger the wild life parade……

….but my favourite was the fly – so nicely dark and macabre.

The sun shone as we are getting ready for soaring heat wave temperatures around here and these kids got ready for the long summer holidays before starting out in the next chapter of their lives. Good luck to all of them.

I had a less innocent time later on as you can see from this 3.00 am photograph taken at the end of the party held at my place that night. It was good fun too of course so I am not apologising.

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