Lewes Pie Night on the eve of American National Pie Day

Baking might be becoming a habit. I was preparing for our occasional neighbourhood Boys’ Pie Night over the weekend and, this time my second attempt at pork pies was a big improvement on the first one where the pastry was a little on the filling side.

This time round, thanks to Delia Smith’s easily followed recipe for old fashioned pork pies, I got it more or less right except for some leakage and a few sticky bottoms.

As you can see, I could hold my pie up in any company, even amongst all those celebrating Americans. Here in Lewes, on Saturday, it was boys’ night out where we showed that our masculine culinary prowess was only matched by our ability to consume large quantities of pie with many bottles of fine old English ale.

Maybe next year, we should join up with our American cousins and try to celebrate International Pie Day.

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